An independent, family owned, pizzeria with a good selection of drinks. Opened early 2014 with only one thing in mind and that was to give customers a taste of freshly cooked pizza using only highest quality products.


We mixed modern tastes with the traditional hand techniques cooked on stone ovens.

The menu is as simply, it reads customers through by creating their own pizzas. Choosing from size to base down to the topping and if you feel lazy you can chose the classic taste created by our experience chefs.


We only believe in honest, fresh ingredients sourcing only the qualities topping and cheeses to create great taste.


A collection of alcoholic and no-alcoholic drinks accommodates the pizzas. From craft beers to hand pressed orange juices. A simple but well designed wine menu that explores different flavors around the world bringing a Chilean Merlot and an Argentine Malbec under the same roof.

The care for simply but traditional approach could also been seen in the interior of our restaurants where we create a calm atmosphere and relaxing environment.